Who we support

It is very dear to the heart of our congregation to help and support the most diverse places through frequent prayer and monthly donations. These include the following institutions, which can change at any time into more than just those listed 6 here:

1) Israel

As Christians, it is our holy duty to help the chosen people of God with prayer and donations, because by accepting Jesus as our Lord, we also belong to this Israeli people. Jesus was Jewish. Judaism was the first religion on earth. So one could say that God Himself was Jewish. The Bible says (and Jesus himself said this) that salvation comes from the Jews. Whoever does not cultivate friendship with Israel as a believer has enmity with God. Here, however, we would like to make it clear in one breath that we are not standing against Muslims or Palestine (because of the current tense situation between Palestine and Israel), because our love for Israel and the Jews is founded solely on reasons of faith and has no political or otherwise opposing traits in itself. We as a congregation have already had several trees planted in Israel to be rooted in this land. In addition, we donate a monthly amount to Israel for all newly immigrated Jews ("Alijah") as well as for corresponding shelters in Israel so that children can get to safety there (especially at schools etc). Furthermore, we have donated money for poor and homeless children in Israel so that they can receive gifts at Jewish festivals like the other children and do not go empty-handed. We are still working hard to make sure that we can give our prayers and material help to Israel.

2) BibelLiga

BibelLiga supports the dissemination of the Bible in other countries where it is not a matter of course to have a Bible there. For example, Asia or Africa are destinations for the "Bible messengers" sent by this organization to give a Bible for everyone and extra Bible courses at the risk of their lives to the people in these countries who are hungry for the Good News. However, this can only work if domestic "Bible messengers" work through donations and prayer to ensure that these foreign Bible messengers can actually fulfill their mission with Bibles in their luggage. And these biblical messengers are, among other things, us by making monthly donations to help people in other countries receive a Bible and salvation. Even if we think that the Bible is not quite true and true due to many Bible errors, it is still our concern that everyone who wants a Bible should have one, because God will send His Holy Spirit and open their eyes to the person to whom He wants to give knowledge in the Word of God and what the real truth is in it. We believe in it. To receive no Bible and no salvation at all is worse than to have a Bible and possibly believe something partly wrong with occasional scraps of truth in it, because the salvation itself and the promises of salvation and the work of salvation of Jesus Christ are not touched by our doubt about the Bible and in our feeling are also real and true. In this way, God is to guide every human being to the truth and to the falsification of it.
Link: https://www.bibelliga.org

3) Open Doors

We support Open Doors, which work for persecuted Christians worldwide, with our good thoughts and prayers and now and then also with donations.
Link: www.opendoors.de

4)  Gifts of hope ("Christmas in a shoebox")

With donations for online packed shoeboxes with gifts in them or even individually made shoeboxes and other kind of donations we help children in poorer areas of the world to get Christmas joy and to get good and hopeful messages on their way and show them that you are not forgotten.

5) ERF Germany (Ambassador)

As ambassadors we occasionally receive information material from ERF Germany in order to bring people closer to God and to confront them with the Good News through small booklets, postcards, ballpoint pens, stickers, bracelets and much more. In hectic everyday life God is often forgotten.
Link: www.erf.de

6) Animal Equality Germany

This organisation is only one of many who work for the rights and protection of animals. So also the association "Jeder Tag zählt e.V." is a place where we actively participate if possible by donations or other help.

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