The Real Name of Jesus

[Illustration shows our handwriting to "Moryo Yeshua Mshiho", which is Aramaic and means "Lord Jesus Christ"]

We find it extremely important to use the real name of Jesus, that is not Jesus. Jesus is the Greek translation of the original name Yeshua. Whether the name was given to the mother of Yeshua (who is Miriam, not Mary) in Aramaic or Hebrew by the angel Gabriel, we do not know. It could have been the Aramaic version, which is pronounced and written differently:

Yeshu Mshiho = Jesus Christ

ܝܶܫܘܽܥ ܡܫܺܝܚܳܐ [yeshuĉ mshiĥo]

Pronounced as "Yeshua Meshiho", written: "Yeshua Mshiho".

(see Aramaic online translator: www.sfarmele.de/)

In Hebrew, He would be called either Yeschua Ha Mashiach or Yeschua ham-Masiah. But we rather use Aramaic, because Yeshua himself used this language a lot.

But since names are never translated (the one who ever studied linguistics knows this), it is our duty to use the name Yeshua and no longer Jesus. He himself has put this on our hearts because He no longer wants to be addressed with the false name Jesus.

Moreover we think that using the Holy Name "Yahwe" is forbidden and so we will never keep on using it as Yeshua never called God like that, but "Abba" (Daddy). This name meaning "I am" must not spoken out by human beings.

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