The Last Reformation


The Last Reformation       


We as a church are very interested in the movement "The Last Reformation" (also as an active part of our own church), which comes from Denmark and whose founder is Torben Sondergaard. He calls for a "last reformation" in which he wants to renew the church system from the ground up, as it says in the Bible. For national churches such as the Catholic Church and also the Protestant Church have made out of what Jesus preaches in the Bible and how He actually wanted His Church and how the disciples live in the Acts of the Apostles a money-greedy organization, where only passively on Sundays sermons are heard and sacraments collected. He even warns against the false teachings of the Catholic Church and of the Pope, who preaches and "lives out" Jesus' teachings in a completely cross way, and that with many the Pope stands far above Jesus and even Mary herself, while Marian devotion and the prayer of the Rosary are demonic and godless (videos can be found on Youtube). Active Christian life is a nil thing and it has become a very pleasant and comfortable Christian life, although Jesus told us that we would be persecuted if we confessed to Him. Nothing of all that Jesus taught (looking at the falsified Bible, in which there could still be some scraps of truth) can be found today in Christians and churches.


Here are excerpts from an interview between Livenet and Torben Sondergaard to help all those who do not yet know this movement:



Livenet: The title of one of their books is "The Last Reformation", the same as their slogan. Are you Denmark's next reformer?

Torben Søndergaard: The last Reformation is about returning to all the truths of Christian life, following the example of the New Testament Church, where all were called to be disciples and to make disciples.

In the Acts of the Apostles we read about normal Christian life. If we actually lived as it is written there, then the church system as we know it today would be reformed. Churchgoers would no longer be satisfied with sitting passively in their seats Sunday after Sunday waiting for permission from the leaders to do something. We would no longer call organizations church or congregation, but we would call the actual congregation, which is the body of Christ, church; a priesthood of all believers.

If we want to return to what we read in the Bible, the church must also be reformed. Small changes here and there are not enough. We need a reformation. This book "The Last Reformation" is about our personal way and about this Reformation that is so necessary. We want to see how churches all over the world are being reformed and we already see how God needs us and how he calls many to do so today. My hope is that everyone who believes in Christ will be the next reformer; that he will preach as a disciple filled with the Holy Spirit, heal the sick, cast out demons and make disciples who baptize others with water and the Holy Spirit, who in turn learn to make new disciples.



Why "The Last Reformation", what do they mean by that?

The first Reformation happened in the 16th century, when Martin Luther rose up against the Catholic Church and its teaching. He brought forth again the core statement of the gospel, namely the justification by faith alone. As we can see, this Reformation was about theology. If one looks today at the structure of the Reformed Church, one can see a lot of similarity with the structure of the Catholic Church. This is because Martin Luther hardly introduced any innovations in the structures.

That is why our starting point is not Martin Luther or one of the past revivals, because they all always brought only a small part of God's truth with them. Our starting point is Jesus Christ.

I believe that we are close to a third Reformation and I also believe that it will be the last Reformation before Jesus returns. This is a Reformation where God will unite all parts and prepare the church to meet its bridegroom.


What's the pioneer school?

This is an online Bible school with 20 lessons. This is to equip believers to become disciples who in turn make disciples. It also helps to better understand what it really means to be a church, based on the New Testament example, and how it can be practical in the world we live in. This is done, among other things, by encouraging us to remove and repent of our religious glasses and to live in freedom, the timeless truth of which we read in the Scriptures - just as the early church did.

The pioneer school has exploded worldwide. It has so far been translated into at least seven languages and about 10,000 have already graduated or are in the middle of it. Many lives are changed by it, which makes us very happy.



What is the aim of this school?

The goal of this online school is to "kickstart" believers to start living a normal Christian life, to encourage and support them to go out on the streets and be able to communicate the whole gospel to everyone in an understandable way, to heal, to baptize with water and the Holy Spirit, so that they can then pass the same on to others.

We look forward to the fruit that comes from it and how God needs people's lives to build His kingdom here on earth until Jesus comes again in all His glory.

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