Our Projects

1) Save Creation

SAVE CREATION was first our idea for a campaign or website to give tips for more environmental protection. Actually, these were banal things like not letting the tap run unnecessarily while soaping your hands or brushing your teeth; or turning off the light when you leave the room; or turning off and disconnecting all appliances completely when you're not using them anymore, and not leaving them on standby.

At some point, however, all this fell asleep, although we still like to refer to River Phoenix, which led us right to all this. I - the initiator - was "converted" to vegetarianism by him in the summer of 2008 because I became a big fan of him. I also wanted to be a hippie, live in a caravan, be one with God and nature. I also wanted to become a real man of peace!

Below is information about who River Phoenix was.


SAVE CREATION was for some time a small campaign on www.greenaction.de (run by Greenpeace), but due to excessive financial and personal restructuring, GREENACTION had to be discontinued by Greenpeace 2015.


What should now happen with SAVE CREATION: It is now part of our veggie community and should be a project that gathers the whole community for about once a month to "fish" garbage out of nature in closer (or even further) surroundings on a voluntary basis and to do something else for the environment. These parishioners are also welcome to clean up nature outside the church as SAVE CREATION PEOPLE, even without calling themselves together once a month.


"Embrace more trees! Plant more trees!“ 


What this world needs is more trees, more CO2 (oxygen), more nature! We should plant more nature, love more nature, embrace it.

Be more out in nature, observe it and help injured animals, create garbage out of nature, out of the forest and care for nature.

"Save creation!"



River Phoenix


Who was River Phoenix anyway? - River Jude Phoenix was born on August 23, 1970 in Metolius near Madras, Oregon. He has four other siblings, of which Joaquin Phoenix is in the spotlight. At that time his family lived in a caravan, travelled from country to country and preached God's word. The five children openly played guitar and sang on the street. The whole family lived vegan and was committed to animal welfare and environmental protection. Through his musical and acting career, River Phoenix hoped to find open ears to this cause. River died on Halloween 1993, but his family - and especially his younger brother Joaquin - continue to stand up for the rights of animals and fight for a better world. The family's mother - Heart Phoenix - founded the "River Phoenix Center for Peacebuilding" a few years ago, where they specialized in peace (world peace and normal peace in everyday life between people) and how to achieve it.





- #AllDayChristmas


All year Christmas ...


With #AllDayChristmas we as a church don't want to celebrate Christmas all year round and constantly make presents and eat gingerbread and sing Christmas songs. - No. This project #AllDayChristmas is supposed to remind us of the special spirit of Christmas, which we often only "get out" at Christmas time.

As Ebenezer Scrooge already experienced in "A Christmas Story" by Charles Dickens, Christmas must be celebrated and honored all year round. Otherwise Christmas would not have been understood at all. Even if Jesus' birth constitutes Christmas, the spirit of Christmas must always be carried and applied in the heart, for example in good works against others, in showing love, being good to each other even to strangers, feeding and dressing the homeless, feeding the hungry and so on. All this is often only celebrated at Christmas, when people suddenly walk around everywhere with donation boxes and go from house to house and "beg", as if there were no misery to be alleviated all year round.

This is how we want to go forward as a church and with #AllDayChristmas always keep Christmas in our hearts and apply it wherever possible.




- Israel & other projects


As already mentioned in chapter 3.4 ("Whom we support"), our special concern of the congregation is that we assist the House of Israel, the nation of Israel, the children of Israel (especially in times of anti-Semitism) and actively help them as the people of God in the form of prayers and donations. This is meant both as support and as a special project from our congregation, in which we especially commemorate Israel.


The other projects are on the one hand "Jesus4world-Army" and "Blessing instead of Cursing" and on the other hand "Project W.U.N.D.E.R." ("Miracle").

- Jesus4world-Army: The Jesus4world-Army is a movement that has decided to stand up for Jesus Christ and to go out into the world for Him to bring fruit for His Kingdom. Whether it is singing, dancing, writing, painting, tailoring or preaching. Here every single disciple of Jesus is welcome to stand up for His Lord, to spread Him all over the world (or "only" in His own place) and say to everyone: Jesus loves you and died for you! We see ourselves here as a family, because whoever belongs to God belongs to this unique heavenly family and is a child of God.


- Blessing instead of cursing": This project is intended to make you aware of the power of cursing and insulting and angering and to make everything you send out come back to you. It should show how powerful blessing is and how often we have to bring this into our everyday life in order to erase the evil and bad in the world (which is mostly caused by bad and bad and negative words) with good words and blessings. Words that affirm life are a weapon of Jesus to conquer the demons around him and to prevent the morbidity of one's own tongue, which only wants to say bad and negative things. One learns how to bless strangers and even hated people and suddenly problems and problematic people change so much through blessing that completely new worlds open up.

- Project W.U.N.D.E.R. ("Miracle"): This project was originally there to collect all experiences with God and thus also with miracles and to publish these in book form. It should already be published, but not enough contributions have been received yet and we are still looking for wonderful experiences with God, even continuously, even if books were already published in this project. It is an ongoing book project.



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