Our Info Book

Our Church is located in Germany and so the beginning of our community is German. Therefore we have to translate everything we said and done so far. At the moment we are translating our Info Book "Christveggies - The Teaching of Jesus was meatless" into English and here you will find all the contents it will be containing sometime in 2019:


Part I: About the Church
1) VeggieChurch & the Idea behind it
2) The Garden of Eden / The Garden-of-Eden-Concept
3) Community Contents
    3.1) The Community as One
    3.2) Our Convent
    3.3) The true Teaching & the Biblical Errors
           3.3.1) Vegetarianism in Christianity & Judaism
           3.3.2) Emphasis on Biblical Errors
           3.3.3) The Theologian: The Bible makes it clear that animals should not be
           3.3.4) The Fish, that was a Plant
    3.4) Whom We Support
    3.5) Our Projects
          3.5.1) Save Creation
          3.5.2) #AllDayChristmas
          3.5.3) Israel & other Projects
    3.6) The Last Reformation
    3.7) Driven By Eternity
4) Womenpowerpreaching
5) Excerpts from the Apocrypha:
- Heliand and „The Gospel of the Perfect Life“
- The Essene Gospel of Peace
- The Gospel of Nicodemus

Part II: The Man, God & the Meat
1) Definition of a Christian & the Nature of Jesus
2) The Inner Life of Animals and Nature
    2.1) Animals
    2.2) Nature
3) The Garden of Eden: Before and after the Fall of Man.
4) Experiences of the Love of Animals
5) The Garden of Eden & New Jerusalem
Closing Words
Appendix (Notes, Reports)

Garten Eden Veggie Church | Garden of Eden Veggie Church
Established in 2017 | represented by Melanie Schmidt