Our Convent

(Photo: Creative Commons. As an example)

Although it is more the case in the Catholic and general Protestant faith that there are convents, our vision is nevertheless to build the first non-denominational free church convent. It is divided into two different variants:


Variant I (men´s convent/women's convent): Abstinent single life as in Catholic convents for all those, who want to concentrate completely and without distraction on God and live only for Him.


Variant II (family convent): Families with and without children (e.g.: married couples) can live here and work together for God and despite their seclusion behind convent walls still lead a normal married life and also educate their children completely oriented towards God.


In both variants there is a dress code (e.g. made of linen, as it is often stated in Revelation or elsewhere in the Bible, how holy this material is) to dress accordingly "holy" and chastely for the eyes of others (corresponding frocks or robes, possibly headpieces like light shawls, scarves or caps), so that one does not fall prey to the worldly, but rather expresses this by living more secludedly here, also by clothing and attitude and behavior, in order to die off to the earthly and surrender completely to the heavenly and in preparation for entering the heavenly city, the New Jerusalem!

Only within the first variant is there a separation of the sexes in order to be able to lead a truly celibate monastic life. For this, three different building parts will be built, in order to establish both a "women´s convent", a "men´s convent" and a "family convent". If relationships should arise between the men´s convent and the women´s convent, these couples can then move into the family convent. In the case of any relationships that may arise, however, the important principle applies in our convent: "No intimacy whatsoever before marriage". This may be misunderstood as paternalism, but it must be accepted correctly with understanding for our vision of turning completely away from the earthly and godless and orienting ourselves towards the New Jerusalem.


Of course, animals will also belong to our convent. They will not be pets, but animals that will live outside in stables (horses, cows, sheep, pigs, chickens), or just pets in the sense of small animals like guinea pigs, bunnies and so on. So here it will be like being on a "monastic farm".

The church service is to be celebrated along with the Lord's Supper (red grape juice and bread) and praise is played with a band. We will be working by gardening or other things and common income is obtained. Principle: "Everything belongs to everybody", like with the Original Christians, like a large family.

We want to live "autarchic" (self-sufficient) and provide ourselves through agricultural work or through God. The above-mentioned animals of our "farm" are of course not regarded as farm animals (i.e. the milk of the cow belongs to the cow children, the eggs of the hen stay with her and are not given to the people etc.!), but have just as much a right to life and happiness as everything in the creation of God and are simply there and live happily.


Of course, we pay attention to a vegan and frutarian way of life, i.e. that besides the diet, of course, also the clothes must be made of animal and environmentally friendly materials!

Garten Eden Veggie Church | Garden of Eden Veggie Church
Established in 2017 | represented by Melanie Schmidt