Driven by Eternity


Driven by Eternity


Despite our criticism of the Bible, we still feel the need to live a corresponding life according to the truth shreds of the Bible and also the extra-Biblical scriptures with the extremely important view of eternity. Far too few people think about eternity and how they want to live it. When Jesus is preached about, a so-called "gospel of cuddliness" is usually preached, where only heaven and forgiveness of sins are spoken of, but the gravity of hell is never addressed, which is an even more important point. Who only accepts Jesus in words, but not in his heart and does not show this in deeds, for him it is important to deal more with hell, because heaven will hardly be reachable for this person. Many Christians today live like this. They think it would be enough to confess Jesus in words, but to continue to behave badly, because "He will forgive me, it doesn't matter". - What a foolish attitude and how much Jesus is exploited and abused here to be able to continue to sin cheerfully.


Too many pastors and preachers speak only of the beautiful side of the Word of God and how beautiful it is to live with Jesus. And it is! But these preachers should also give a warning to the people and a correction and rebuke to the people. To avoid offending or injuring others, they speak only in nice and loving words and "that everything will be all right" and they want to avoid that their number of members shrinks. But these preachers and leaders of their churches do not truly love their fellows, otherwise they would warn them of hell. When you see someone blindfolded facing the abyss, who wouldn't scream and shout to stop and be careful (cf. Bevere, 2008, p. 298)? So priests and preachers should also shake people up and warn them of this abyss if they do not pay attention and live as God wants them to and it is not enough to say yes to God but not do His will and rest on God's forgiveness of sins and grace, because God is so merciful. This is He, indeed, but not when He knows that He is only being exploited. His grace is not for those who abuse it. His forgiveness of sins is not for those who abuse it and neither forgive themselves nor others and are good. One must nevertheless play according to the rules of God in order to win the game of God and not let one's own rules prevail. This is not the way to get there. 

"If only during our time as mortal human beings on earth we would realize that every day we live our life in eternity - we would live completely differently in many ways! Every kind, gentle word, every generous thought, every selfless act - all these things become pillars of eternal beauty in the life that lies before us".

So the book "Driven by Eternity" by John Bevere is needed to experience the importance of eternity, which is too often forgotten:

"Most people would be shipwrecked if they planned their future as carelessly as they prepare for eternity. Even believing people often care far too little about this so important aspect of Christian life. Too often we hardly waste a thought on what will happen when the world as we know it is over. Starting from 2 Corinthians 5:9-11, John Bevere urges us that all believers will stand before Jesus and receive the reward for what they have done during their lives. Many will be shaken when they find that they have spent most of their time on things that do not bring them any reward for eternity. Our life only becomes meaningful when we lead it against the background of eternity and behave in such a way that our works can survive on the Day of Judgment. This goal must always be kept in mind, then we will stand up for the things that endure - endure forever.

Your behaviour on earth decides how you will spend eternity yourself.

In his new book, the bestselling author turns to the subject of eternity. He is convinced that many people live without thinking of heaven, even though eternity has been planted in their hearts by God. John Bevere wants to open the reader's eyes to see what awaits them: terrible suffering or great joy. We will all stand before God's judgment seat. The author uses the allegory of King Jalyn, Affabel, his kingdom and the capital Endel with its inhabitants to explain how the decisions of our lives affect our eternal future.

John Bevere challenges readers to work for God and asks many an uncomfortable question about why some do not. The book is a real challenge to all Christians, and since it biblically proves its points, the questions will resonate in the hearts and minds of readers for a long time to come."

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