About our Church

In the spring of 2017, after months of consideration, the idea came up to start a special veggie church congregation and to run it as an online congregation until enough members could be found to actively participate in the church planting towards a real presence congregation. This member search is still ongoing (as of February 2020).

We count ourselves among the cross-denominational free churches. At the core of our faith is the power of the Holy Spirit, with whom we live, who gives us spiritual gifts, and who makes people mature and grow more and more spiritually. Of course, Jesus and God are also in focus.

The focus of our church is on vegans and Frutarians, hence the name "VeggieChurch". Here we refer to the beginning of man, the beginning of everything - the Garden of Eden. Man was not formed from the ground up as a meat eater, nor were animals. All this only became possible through the Fall of Man. But the spirit cannot mature if one's own body "intoxicates" itself with foreign flesh (body, corpse, cadaver) and the soul is made more weight down and drunk as a result; even the murder and shedding of blood of this animal is a part of it. This is neither righteous, nor Christian, nor otherwise compatible with the creation and work of God.

Many then ask us: "Why veggie? God never taught this, it is not written anywhere in the Bible, everyone has eaten meat, God allowed us to eat meat after the fall." Furthermore, we are even accused of our idea being a curse, we are from Satan and we teach heavy false doctrines. A false doctrine? - If one protects and preserves life? When, voluntarily and out of the nobility of the human being, one is anxious to protect the lives of other creatures? Moreover, we do not believe that Satan has a special interest in animal welfare and cares that animals live and can be well kept. Why this should come from Satan when one lives and teaches vegan has not yet been explained to us objectively and neatly.

First of all you have to go to Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. "Eden" means "joy, bliss, heaven" and in the figurative sense as much as "glory", which means that the two lived in the immediate glory and nearness of God, had not yet been separated from God by sin as later men respectively as Adam and Eve later were. What was the Garden of Eden like? It was full of fruit, there was no rain, no wind, no storm. Everything was fruitful by itself and you did not have to wait until the fruit was ripe, because in God everything is already present and ready! Everything grew and flourished immediately, because everything was full of life and it bloomed splendidly! And Adam and Eve lived in peace and harmony with themselves, with the animals, with nature. There was nothing evil, nothing wrong, nothing sinful. If Adam and Eve had been told to kill one of the animals so that they could eat meat, they would probably have been shocked. Kill? End a life and then eat it? - In the Garden of Eden before the Fall unthinkable for both man and animal! Why? - Because they were all good and noble and only ate fruits and grains and it was enough for them. They did not know otherwise. It gave them enough strength. For their true power came from God, with whom they lived in glory and very close to His heart. Strength and power do not come from the flesh and the fat of animals, but from God alone. They respected each other, they loved each other. Man did not hunt animals, animals did not hunt humans.

But even on this seemingly insufficient explanation on our part, hard-hearted "Christians" in a discussion with us know counterarguments to prove that we live wrongly and are cursed: "Yes, but that was BEFORE the Fall! Now there is no other way, because we have to live under sin, it is there! To tell us now something about the Garden of Eden is foolish, because afterwards Jesus and he had eaten meat!" In order to deal with these counterarguments, we need to take a look at all the different links on our website here (which are coming soon!).

So the center of this congregation is primarily the longing for the Garden of Eden or the New Jerusalem and the preservation of life and that this life is valued in order not to grieve God, our Creator.


We human beings do not need meat as long as we do not live in Antarctica or in other parts of the world where there is no other possibility of food. Meanwhile so much meat substitute has been given to all of us and it has always been through fruits, grains, leaves and much more. Not only vegan finished products are a substitute for meat.

Eating meat is a recognizable sign of the curse of sin. Who would want to live voluntarily under this curse as a child of God? Or has it already become such an hedonism as smoking and drinking, so that we cannot and do not want anything else, no matter whether God approves of it or not?

We have a vision of a new church (or an old church, as Jesus taught it and as the Original Christians also lived it) that lives as in the Garden of Eden: meatless, without fur and leather (and if possible also without animal wool) as clothing and, thanks to Jesus, to brace ourselves against sin and live as morally as possible. So God the Father wants us to have again, which is why He sent Jesus to free us from sin, who accepts Him as His Lord and wants to become a child of God, and at the very latest in the New Jerusalem we will inevitably live as we did in the beginning - without any flesh!


BEFORE the fall, man received the power from God to rule over the world and the animals IN GOOD. Adam and Eve lived peacefully and harmoniously together with the animals and nature with the essence of God, nobody killed and ate meat - completely unthinkable! In Eden people were still in the presence and glory of God and HIM very close!

AFTER the Fall Satan received the power over the world with all the trimmings to rule IN EVIL. The people were now permeated by evil through sin, had taken on the essence of Satan and began to kill and eat meat. Through sin, people separated from God and tore themselves away from the presence and glory of God. They were now far away from Him!

TODAY it is so that everyone who appeals to God and confesses Him MUST live fleshlessly as in the beginning in the Garden of Eden, because one is so imbued with the essence of God that one has nothing left of the essence of Satan and his desires as eating meat. Whoever accepts Jesus is again united with God and IN HIS GLORY AND PRESENCE! Through Satan the eating of meat came into the world and the one who truly belongs to Jesus has the essence of Jesus and cannot at the same time maintain the essence of Satan through the consumption of meat. That does not fit. One cannot serve two masters. Jesus already said this and so it is true.

Essence of Jesus: vegan/frutarian.

Essence of Satan: eating meat.

Are you tainted with the essence of Jesus or the essence of Satan ... or both? If both, you should choose one side NOW. Decide wisely!


It is also our vision that our church will become a great mission work and a special convent (see soon our link about it) as well as a great faith center for the world! Because with a vegan diet we fight not only carnal desires and sin and Satan, but also the world hunger, the destruction of the environment, the exploitation of animals and so we help the peace and harmony in this world and the resources are no longer wasted and exploited in the same way!

Garten Eden Veggie Church | Garden of Eden Veggie Church
Established in 2017 | represented by Melanie Schmidt