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MORE SOON! (Last updated: February 17, 2020)

Insights from the Creator:

- Millennial kingdom: probation for heavenly citizens.

- In heaven, those who have done worst in the school of life on earth will not be able to fly at all forever, and those who have come furthest in the school will be able to fly faster, further, higher. The more that one has achieved spiritually in earthly life, the less limited one is in flying. You can see how much you have achieved from the beauty of your children.

- The more you have achieved for God, the more beautiful you become.

-Life is a school, a test on earth.

- In the Millennial Kingdom the optics are infinitely more beautiful and everything is much better there and the real hell is much hotter than purgatory during the Millennial Kingdom because people there have nothing evil in them anymore but are evil on their own when they are evil. Those who still do not belong to Yahushua or do not want to do His will, despite all this, must then be purified more intensively.

- The Garden of Eden was indescribably beautiful. One could not get enough of it.

- The present sky was even more beautiful than the Garden of Eden.

- Faster than a blink of an eye one is already in heaven if one goes from this earth.

- The people who have not done very much for God look beautiful, but by far not as beautiful as the people who have.

- The animals that one had as pets are all at home in heaven, because animals are innocent and they can speak there.

- The Millennial Kingdom is more beautiful by worlds than the present heaven. And the final heaven will be much more beautiful. The Millennial Kingdom and the Final Heaven are one and the same place. The Millennial Kingdom is the improved and expanded and much, much greater form of the present heaven and the final heaven after the Millennial Kingdom is again much, much greater.

- The higher you fly, the more beautiful wird´s is.

- The people who have already done so little on earth will automatically do harder in the Millennial Kingdom to follow Yahushua.

- The more one has achieved, the brighter one radiates out of oneself. One shines properly. Much, much (...) brighter than a star.

- In the present sky, the earth is infinitely larger.

- The insects, which are not useful and are certainly not beautiful on this earth, will be beautiful and much bigger in heaven.

- The animals have already been able to speak in the Garden of Eden.

- The universe is not infinite.

- There is the 1st heaven, that is our heaven, which we can see from the earth, the blue heaven; there is the 2nd heaven, which encompasses the whole universe; the 3rd heaven is outside the universe.

- Yahushua was here on earth without the spirit of the world, so he was born differently than all other people.

- The more you have done, the bigger you will be: 5″10 will be the biggest person and only Yahushua will be the biggest with 5″10. But between 5″10 and 5″10 is a huge difference.

- The people who have not achieved very much do indeed receive blessings showers (if you are cuddled by Godpapa), as you know him from this earth, but others who have achieved much more receive permanent blessings and much stronger.

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